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Dear Israel:

Dear Israel:

Thanks to all of the permanent and temporary residents of Barcelona who came out last night!

Thanks to all of the permanent and temporary residents of Barcelona who came out last night!

Circus Osaka was perfect. Great set from @etherwooduk - the evening was rounded off with my fave late night noodles spot on Osaka - Kamukura. Been coming here for a good 15 yrs @chris_hospital @hospitalrecords

Circus Osaka was perfect. Great set from @etherwooduk - the evening was rounded off with my fave late night noodles spot on Osaka - Kamukura. Been coming here for a good 15 yrs @chris_hospital @hospitalrecords

the best Hospitality event ever

on Friday we put on Hospitality: The Final at the O2 Academy Brixton. To say we were taking a massive a risk was an understatement. We moved the stage into the middle of the dancefloor, and ravers had 360 degree access. However we knew from early on when Etherwood took on Stray that this was going to be a special night!image

Next up was Breakage vs D-Bridge:


trust me they weren’t that full of love for most of their set - they went for each other’s throats dropping killer after killer. 


TC vs Cyantific was insane. Dynamite in his tux was superb too. 


We were all given bespoke boxing robes. Here’s Fred V and Josh Grafix limbering up. 


I think must be round 4. 


Fred and Josh went at each other like 2 geography teachers arguing about tundra. 


By now the Academy was looking amazing!


The Austrian tag team champions step up: Camo vs Krooked


I am a bad panda. 


I did my back in after 2 tunes by jumping and waving like an idiot at the start of our set. I fell off the stage in Moscow last weekend and it’s gonna take 6 weeks to recover. this is me being unconvinced by the ‘bomb’ High Contrast is dropping. 


how to soldier it. 


Carlos S.P.Y vs Dan Nu:tone KILLLLLLLED IT!!!!!!


and a great night was closed by the excellent tag team of Metrik vs Sigma. 

an unforgettable night. 

this would be cool on a bottle of Doctor’s Orders!

think before you tweet

last Monday I was linked to a clip of the new Destroid live show and sat on it for a while. this link was a promo put together by the band’s pr team. I freaked wen i saw it, because it gave me 2 impressions: 1) I was hearing  what to my ears were dated 2010 dub step EDM sounds, and 2) seeing a very expensive but impersonal live show that looked like Halo being acted out onstage. 

Then, after a tough day at the hospital office, i make the mistake of tweeting the link in a flippant way that roused a lot of hate. the basic error I made was that i, momentarily, became a teenage hater myself. here’s my tweet:

"on a lighter note, we can all chortle at this ‘live’ EDM show by . Tell me, is it, like, rad dude?”

i’ve leaned a lot through posting this link.

1) my former friend KJ Sawka was part of the band, and i didn’t check that out, so i was slating my friend’s band. my fault, and i feel mortified at having done so.

2) even if i didn’t know him, I should have respected the amount of work that clearly went into the show, even if it was not to my taste.

3) I don’t know the other band members, and i therefore dissed their work too

4) I should have thought before I tweeted. Just because I don’t like something, or have a pet hate about the apparent economic expansion and invasion of what is known as EDM in the USA, I should keep that to myself.

5) I’ve enjoyed building up by online fanbase and reacting with them, and for the most part they are used to by outspoken nature on almost everything, but i clearly upset a lot of people. The one i’m most upset about is K J Sawka who i have always bigged up and admired as one of the bets drummers in the world. Kevin, I’m sorry .

Over the past week i’ve had a lot of hate from brostep hatejocks - i don’t mind that, but one or two say they used to be my fans but are not any more, and whilst i know that’s a tried and tested way to hurt someone online, the thought that i’ve lost any real fans is sad - i fucked up and tweeted something i should have known better about.

amazingly the spat bade it onto some blogs

and here were some tweets that made sense

at least doesn’t simply press the play button and makes money out of throwing their hands in the air.

Generations before would call your music shit, and others might call it a different expression. Sounding ignorant doesn’t help.

and, another blog link worth reading if you’re in any way interested in this petty beef:

to wrap this up, i made an idiotic tweet or two. i need to re read my own rules for success and be more humble.

as Nicky Black Market said ‘it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice’

i’m gonna work harder on being nice from now on.


5 rules of success

I get a lot of very similar interview questions, and many of them are truly dull once you have answered them for the 4th time. The Gigmngr blog asked me to list my 5 rules of success and they asked at exactly the right time - when i was doing my own heart searching about my career. I loved answering these and i put my heart into it:

London Elel & Dynamite MC at Bass Drop, Sydney, November 2012

a couple of weeks ago i was lucky to go to Australia with Dynamite MC. We played a 3.5 hr set in Sydney and here are a few pics that tell the story of the night!

had to end up at an after party. first one in may many years! was a great night. Thanks Bass Drop Sydney!

recently i played at Pirate Station in Moscow. I had heard many stories about the event, but was unprepared for the scale of the production. anyway here’s a bunch of pics from the event!

this morning I was blessed by Diane Charlemagne coming with me into The Chairman’s school to perform during assembly. Diane chose Feeling Good, a standard made famous by Nina Simone and more recently Muse. I worked out a piano part and we had a little rehearsal on Monday and again at home this morning. I recorded our rehearsal in my house just before we left this morning. Big love to you Diane, I think you’re the best xxxx

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